Time to Talk about Sin

“How well do you know the depths of your own sin?”

I know the subject of sin is extremely unpopular. When it comes up, we immediately assume we are going to be criticized, judged or threatened, and why wouldn’t we, the church has used sin to bludgeon its people into compliance and behavior modification programs. No wonder so many people are confused and put off by the subject, and why the church has become such a mess.

In today’s podcast and post we begin a series where we will mine the depths of our shadow side and become students of our own sin. Join me now as regain our equality as complete moral failures, and learn why this is beautiful and purposeful Good Newsfor the world.

278-Stop Acting Surprised by Ravi Zacharias

“Are you shocked and offended at the headlines relating to apologist Ravi Zacharias?”

By now, many of you have read the headlines about Ravi Zacharias and as I record this, leaders and ministries are pulling back from his ministry and taking a moral high ground of disassociation. This would be fine except, that is the exact opposite of what the church is called to do.

In today’s podcast and post I will use this disheartening current event to expose a fundamental area of confusion in the Christian faith, and try to steer the church back on course. Join me now as we see beyond the accusations of a top ministry leader, to expose a far more pernicious sin that is manifesting itself across Christian ministries.

277-The Fortieth

“Some people talk about God, others talk about the “universe” or some vague energy field, are they really saying the same thing?

In today’s podcast and post we rejoin our ongoing series of Psalms greatest hits with a look at the fortieth Psalm.  David shares his heart and experience with The Living God, and reveals a kind of intimacy and self-knowledge that requires a “mind” and will beyond just an energetic field.

Join me now as we see beyond our pseudo spirituality as David reveals unapologetically what it’s like to know and be known by the Elohim, the Living God.

276- The End of Flow

“Where does FLOW end? Where is it taking me?

In today’s podcast and post, we conclude this series on The Way of Flow. If you are looking for me to put all the pieces together in a tidy little container, or a practical tool for you to use, then prepare to face disappointment.

Join me now as we see beyond our confusion and dis-integration and gain a glimpse of where FLOW is taking us and why there is nothing in life which matters more.

275-Part 5-Convergence and Integration

“What does it mean to have our lives orbiting around a single axis?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our exploration of Flow and introduce a metaphor which can illuminate why we live with so much pain, frustration, and confusion.

Join me now as we see beyond the events of life into the constellation of dis-integrated orbits which make up our lives and gain insight into how to bring them all into alignment.

274- Part 4- Flow and Rhythm

“You know life has a rhythm, but can you see what is behind it?”

Common wisdom says things like: “Life is full of ups and downs.” Or “ You’ve got to go with the flow.” While this is true, how many of us are able to truly understand what it means. In today’s podcast and post we examine the Rhythm of life and I offer an ancient strategy to understand and design our futures.

Join me now as we see beyond the pain and dark places in our lives, and learn that life isn’t full of ups and downs, we are….by design..

273-Part 3-Flow and Drift

“Do you know the difference between Flow and Drift?”

As we gain a new understanding of FLOW, we discover that flow is not a state of mental focus, nor any sustained state of effort at all. In today’s podcast and post we look closer at the experience of Drift. Since flow is not a binary state, drift cannot be the opposite of flow. So what is it?

Join me now as we see beyond the countless wave-forms of the world and gain insight into our life as a wave-form and then discover how flow is not reduced to a mere matter of effort.

272-Part 2-What is FLOW and Why it Matters

(Part 1 contains no audio but is found HERE )

“Are you in a state of FLOW?”

That’s a loaded question. The question itself presupposes a binary definition of flow. Most of the world thinks they are either in or out of flow. In today’s podcast and post, we continue our New Year tutorial on the Way of Flow, and discuss why the common definition of flow is so problematic.

Join me now as we see beyond all the hype of life-coaches, psychologists and spiritual directors, and consider what it means that every single one of us is constantly relating to flow.

271- 2020 A Year of Suppressing the Truth

“Are you guilty of suppressing the truth?”

Before you get defensive let me just say that we all share this guilt. In 2020’s final podcast and post I’d like to deconstruct the year by looking at how we have all suppressed the truth. What others are calling unprecedented events I believe are simply the natural outcropping of suppressing the truth.

Join me now as we see beyond the headlines of 2020 and touch the source of humanity’s truth problem. Perhaps, if we are willing to make a change, 2021 and beyond will be much better.

270-Cringing and Bowing: Christological Dissonance

“When someone mentions Jesus, does it make you want to cringe or bow?”

In today’s Christmas Eve podcast and post we examine the polarizing effect that Jesus has on the world. During the Christmas season, people are celebrating the birth of the Savior of the World, yet our world seems to be getting worse in so many ways. Does this mean the savior isn’t real? Or is something else happening?

Join me now as we see beyond our Christological dissonance at the world’s most unconventional way of fixing everything that has ever gone wrong. Perhaps there are yet more reasons to bow.