2-Going & Leaving


In this second podcast, I ask the question: “What is it that causes some people to leave things?”  I believe we are all being called to “Go and leave our kindred” just like Abraham.  Unfortunately, I think the Church may have told you that leaving is a sin.  I believe that heeding the call to “go” our “come forth” out of our formative containers, religious systems, and frameworks is the voice of God calling us to our best self. Leaving will put you square into exile where your false self will die and your true self will live.

1-What is the KevKast?

In this first episode, I share a bit about my background and why I am offering this podcast. There is a big world out there and we don’t share the same beliefs.  There is a path forward for all of us and its not through fighting, arguing, or invalidating others. Transformation begins on the inside and moves outward.

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