9-Part 4- The Issue is NOT Homosexuality


The issue of homosexuality actually opens up much larger issues which are at the heart of Christianity. Confusion over sin and the hurt that the church has caused is only one part of it. The message of Christianity and the gospel have been truncated and the bigger story needs to be retold. In this last part, I explain the goal of Christianity with a fresh set of eyes in the hope of orienting others into the bigger story into which they are being written.

8-Part 3- The Issue is NOT Homosexuality


In this section I go deeper into the practical implications of the anti-gay position, and why it begins to lose credibility in the face biblical teachings and the meta-narrative of the law of love. The bible doesn’t actually say all the things the church says it does. The church’s ideas of homosexuality are rooted in its external definition of sin and stand against the teaching of Jesus. Sexual immorality and homosexuality are not synonymous.

7-Part 2- The Issue is NOT Homosexuality


In this second part of the series, I examine the real issue for most Christian people, Authority. While most use biblical authority as their justification against homosexuality, I prove that at best anyone is only a partial believer. All people pick and choose the parts they will believe and apply to life. Furthermore, the work of bible interpretation is not as easy as one thinks and causes us to move away from the a literal “black and white” approach.

6-Part 1- The Issue is NOT Homosexuality


It would seem that the issue of homosexuality is dividing families, churches, politics and our culture. It is assumed my most in the church or religious communities that anyone who is affirming of homosexuality is so because they have turned loose of their bibles and no longer see it as authoritative.  I introduce this subject by showing how my ideas have changed on this subject and how I got there, not by turning loose of my bible, but by going deeper. This podcast series provides new aspects to the discussion, not the same old tired arguments. It is not so much “what” we think but “how” we think that causes so much confusion.

5-CANCER and other TINY things that are HUGE.


In this episode, I broadcast from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago. I talk about what Cancer is, how it is cured and I show you other areas of life that are just like cancer and how we can apply similar approaches to curing them. The result is the ability to live and no longer suffer and die from the effects of tiny changes.