16- Painful Reality



Many question how a God could exist when there is so much pain and suffering in the world, or they have concluded that if a God does exist he/she is either not loving or not powerful.  In this podcast I weave a few vital threads together in order to help illuminate the portal of pain and how we can gain a new category of Ultimate Reality through our pain experience.

15-Fear, Red Bull, & Faith


Fear can stop us in our tracks and stall out our lives. Our relationship to fear is a great lens to see some of our spiritual realities. Many live religious lives but because of fear they risk nothing and are never shaped into their best self. The unbeliever who ignores diminishes spiritual realities also risks nothing and settles for the small self. If we would really live abundantly, we must be shaped by the big wave and that is where Red Bull and e

Shedding Confusion



We all possess a set of categories through which we understand life and the world. Confusion is essentially immaturity in any particular category. Confusion comes at a great cost to a life that is full and free. The antidote is to be a learner or student. This requires humility to learn from a teacher. The goal is to stay humble and learning so that we are ever widening our categories. We must strive never to become certain and fixed in any category, for that is the end of growth.  Certain people lack life. If we can be confident yet humble we will inherit everything.

13-Bible Thumpers and Rejectors



Why is the bible so important to some people while it is worthless to others? Is the bible regressive or progressive? It comes down to theology, but what is that? In this episode, I show that the bible thumper and the rejector are actually the same. I also show that theology doesn’t come from the bible, but the bible comes from a theology of Love. Thus there are people who reject the bible because they are so committed to what the bible teaches. You’ll have to listen to figure this out.