20- What is Incarnation?



Christmas is the time of telling the story of Jesus being born in a manger. It is perhaps the most famous story about incarnation. But what is incarnation? Is incarnation a particular story like that of the birth of Jesus? Or is incarnation a much wider story that is being told in every person’s life?  In this post, I make a case that Incarnation is not a contest between the particular and the universal, but the marriage of the two. And if we grasp this, then perhaps the incarnation/Jesus story is already being told in every atom of the universe.

19- Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation



We take our breathing for granted.  Exhaling is not simply an aspect of breathing. It is the very first step of dying. The fragility of our lives hangs on whether inspiration takes place within seconds. In this podcast I look closer at our breathing and invite you to try an exercise that has the power to transform your entire life.

18-The Holiday Portal



The holidays are a time where multiple trajectories all intersect. Is it any wonder the energy of the season is so powerful? Have you ever considered why? In this podcast I explore the rhythm of gathering and scattering and use it to tap into the true source of power that unites all of us. Hopefully it will free us to connect more deeply and to find unity within the midst of such diversity.

17- The Middle People



We live in a world with extreme perspectives. Those who polarize toward one side of the discussion usually have low tolerance for those in the middle. People who can “see both sides” are seen as “lukewarm” or as noncommittal.  In this podcast I build a case that those who shift toward the middle are not lukewarm, but centered. This migration is a hallmark for the true progress of the world. It isn’t apathy, but a wider consciousness that refuses to see the world in dualities.