32- Atonement: Is it open for Discussion?


The biggest scandal in religion is this idea that God loves bad people. While the bible tells us that Jesus died for our sins, it doesn’t really explain precisely how that happens. This is why we have at least four theories of the atonement. Modern Christianity is largely locked on the penal/substitution theory. On the surface it makes sense, but the subplot is where many people disconnect. This podcast tries to open a discussion about the atonement and offers a wider, and more inclusive theory based on restoration rather than retribution.

31- What is God? Where is God?


My town has 60,000 people and 150 different denominations or faith traditions. Yours probably has more. In our world of competitive religions, it is increasingly common to disparage or diminish another denomination or religion. In this podcast and post I examine what is behind the exclusivity and why we often confuse the God experience with the means to that experience. A theology is not God but humanity’s attempt to make sense out of an experience that has just as many names as God.

30- Pregnant Pause


In nearly every arena of life we witness those who are about to engage in action take a moment of pause right before they begin. Athletes and performers alike all find a moment just prior to going on the world’s stage. In this podcast I explore what is contained within this brief moment and precisely what happens when we choke. What is really happening, what is at stake, and what do we miss if we glance over this pause and keep on going? Far more is happening than what is on the surface.