37-Dark Days 2: What’s Your Compass?


If you or a loved one is suffering from depression or anxiety, it is very likely that the only trusted resource to find a solution will be a medical or psychological professional. Most people would consider “spiritual” advice to be unreliable, untestable, or at the minimum something to which we should be skeptical.  In this episode I explain that the human soul (Psuché-from which we get Psychology) is the authority in non-physical reality. If our goal in mental health is to alter our consciousness then consciousness is ultimately a spiritual consideration and as such I introduce a watershed question.

36- Dark Days 1: Good News, You’re Depressed!


So many people in our world suffer from anxiety and depression. I personally have been dealing with anxiety since my late twenties. In the arena of mental and emotional health, our society primarily turns to brain and behavioral science professionals as the exclusive authority. In this podcast I introduce the notion that the soul is not distinct form our brains or our behavior, but encompasses all of our humanity. Furthermore, as an expert in the soul, I will offer another perspective on how to approach these common problems. What if these problems are not something for which we must strive to eradicate, but are symptomatic of something larger and actually function as the means to a much greater end?

35-Competition as Heart Disease


Our culture is defined by competition. Many people derive their identity by it. We’ve all seen how competition can be a great thing but have you ever considered what is really behind a “poor sport?” We train our kids to see the world as a binary system of winners and losers. In business, sports, education, religion, and dating we have developed a chronic form of heart disease, known as otherness. In this post, I share that the solution is not the abandonment of competition, but applying the single greatest principal of life.

34- Church and State, part 2


In this second half of our look at the Church and State, we focus on the growing population of people who are in a form of exile. Independence from a formative container is scary and requires us to endure an arid, arduous experience without the support of the system. See why so many are opting for this authentic life rather than settle for the existence provided for the masses. Unity and diversity can coexist. The song enclosed represents a fast growing global community that can tell the difference between captivity and freedom and who have bravely walked through the exile to reach the family on the other side. Will join us?

33- Church and State, part 1


We are all born under the influence of the Church and State. While these two powerhouses are supposed to be separated, they actually function as two sides of the same coin. Our country is divided based on which of these authority systems we prefer to govern us. If we step back we can see that the problem is not either of these governments, but the binary, dualistic nature that fuels each one. Both church and state infect us with “otherness” which gives us an identity in exchange for our true self. The solution is easy and within our grasp, but we must be willing to face an exile.