41-Dark Days 6: The Dark Night


In this concluding episode, I show how the two approaches that we have been exploring greatly diverge leaving us two very different trajectories. There are profound reasons to see depression and anxiety as portals through which we enter a broader experience with ultimate reality. If we choose rather to deflect or eradicate the dark night, we may very well miss the deepest part of our soul.

40: Dark Days 5, Seeing the Puller


We are beginning to turn a corner now in our examination of depression and anxiety. The alternative perspective that I have been unfolding reaches a vital frameshift in this weeks post. Even though depression and anxiety appear to stop us in our tracks, the reality is that we are actually moving. If we examine our natural fall line we learn that we are actually moving opposite of our gravitational trend. This exposes something that will enable us to burst through the paradigms that are no longer helping us. Click now to learn this vital insight.

39-Dark Days part 4: The Story we Believe.


To rise from our funk we must change brain chemicals but that doesn’t mean we need to rely on prescription drugs or self numbing. In this post I share many alternatives to prescription drugs that are proven to have a greater effect on brain chemistry and they do so without side effects.

But the issue goes much deeper and we must explore what causes the chemicals in the first place. Our truth story is the one thing that either serves as a counterbalance to the impacts of life or it becomes the thing that exacerbates them and forms a feedback loop.

I share why this is so hard to combat, and I illuminate a vital key that is often missed in most forms of therapy. This key will provide tremendous strength to a wider truth story and infuse you with a new strategy in our darkest hours.

38- Dark Days 3: Brain or Consciousness?


It may seem strange to say that someone who struggles with anxiety or depression is actually having a TRUTH problem. In this episode, I will explore a nuance that is often missed when we entrust ourselves to the clinical path for addressing these problems. We go deeper into the relationship between the brain and our consciousness and this causes a potential frameshift to bubble to the surface.