44- Go Your Way!


Healing always means liberation. You may have heard the parable of the ten lepers, but if you think it is about gratitude then you are missing much of the story. In this post I uncover how this story vividly shows us that changing our circumstances may not really put an end to our oppression and suffering. In fact it may just be replacing our oppression and suffering with a different kind. To truly live free, we must find the middle way just as the subject in our story.

43-Pick up your matt!


Get ready for a sermon that you are not likely to hear at your corner church. In this episode I explore the story of the invalid who sat at the pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years. I hope you give this a listen because there is a nuance here that can really liberate us. I can’t believe it was here all along and even though I have read and heard this story over a hundred times, I never caught this. I hope it inspires you and frees you. I look forward to your feedback.

42- The guy who tried to convert me.


Whether it be one of those manipulative Facebook posts or a person with strong religious convictions, we all tend to have a similar reaction toward things that seem like we are getting set up. In this post I show how this experience is telling us that we are bumping up against a rigid binary system where we will be deemed valid or invalid. It turns out that religion is full of duality whereas true spirituality evolves into a ternary mindset and is evidenced by the simple beauty of humility.