49- What is the Point?


All of the things we enjoy are loaded with frustration, headwinds, disappointments, and expense. Have you ever got to the place where you wondered, “What is the point of all of this?” If so, then this podcast is for you. I will explore both the lower and the higher motivations that keep us coming back for more. If we lose sight or have never been able to identify our higher motivation, then our pursuits will bog us down, distract us, and even depress us. But if we can keep an eye on the wide-angle lens, then our pursuits enroll us into a form of spiritual satisfaction, and that is a gateway into a very fulfilling life.

48-Duty is deficient.


I know that our world really loves and honors a sense of duty, but I think we can do better. In this post I share why I strive never to do anything out of a sense of duty. I have learned that duty is a deficient motivation for any action. I will share how we can access the single greatest motivator in the universe, the law of love. If we are able to access love, all of our obligations transform into pleasures. Duty creates a begrudging prison for us, while love frees us and compels us to do the same tasks on an entirely different level. If your life is a living hell of obligations to everyone else’s agenda, then this podcast is for you.


47-Lazarus: Historical Jesus or Cosmic Christ



This is a blog post from 2014 that discusses a very important nuance. If you aren’t a “religious” person, don’t dismiss this post too quickly. You see the story of Lazarus exposes two assertions about Jesus and the power that raised a dead guy back to life. In this post I’ll show the two assertions that emerge from stories like this and why the most common way to view this creates roadblocks for modern people to access resurrection language. After this, you’ll be able to move resurrection from an unprovable assertion after you die, to an an disputable global reality within the life you are presently living.

46- Logic and Double Talk

A lot of modern people see the world through a scientific worldview. This causes some people to diminish spirituality as unreliable because much of it is not empirically provable.  In this podcast I show how the scientific worldview is actually borrowing from a spiritual or non-empirically based perspective in order to make sense of science. This should open up our dialogue about how ultimate reality contains much more than matter and motion and then we can see the fundamental principal of spirituality and just how scientific it really is.

45-What is Freedom?


What if Freedom isn’t something for which we must fight or defend? What if the war machine, and the polarized political environment has got it all wrong? What if freedom isn’t a zero sum game? In this special post, I prove that freedom is an expansive, generative by-product of the spiritually awakened heart. What appears to be too personal and powerless on the macro scale turns out to be the only thing that can change our uncertain world. I even provide a test to see if we are up to the task.