53-Thristy People



Thirst is potentially life threatening. It is a form of physical suffering that requires the satisfaction of water or we will die. A thirsty person is never at their best. In this podcast I show how thirst is a common metaphor for our souls. Like physical thirst, our soul-based thirst puts us into dire situations, where we seek satisfaction from things that won’t cut it. Perhaps seeing people as thirsty is a better way to view others than seeing them as stupid. Thirst is the suffering that happens when we skim over the depth that is our life. Fortunately, for all of us, there is satisfaction.




We all live into social tribes, groups, bands, and families. These social groups give us an identity and a sense of belonging and acceptance. But what happens when, for one reason or another, we find ourself on the outside of the group? What is next? 
In this podcast and post I share that while this experience feels so bad, it is actually a really good sign that we have outgrown our formative containers. We just might be graduating to another community that has also been called out from the herd. I will show that this is the spiritual path as we leave behind our small, external identity and find our true self in God.

51-Quantum and other kinds of Entanglement


Quantum mechanics forces scientists to employ an entirely different set of rules in order to make sense of their findings. Newtonian physics and the laws of our physical world do not comport in the quantum universe. While science may not have categories or terms for non-physical based reality in the quantum sciences, they are striving to find them.

Spirituality on the other hand is precisely the category for non-physical reality where the laws of physics, time and space have no bearing. Despite these discoveries, science and religion are still not necessarily agreeing with each other and it has to do with the entanglements that both hold on to.

50-Striving and Limping



We all face countless headwinds in our lives. Nearly everything we do is met with some sort of obstacle, hinderance, or difficulty. When it comes to our suffering and wrestling with things in life, there are a lot of unhelpful ideas, namely that such struggles mean that God cannot exist or that he/she has forgot about us. In this post I explore the renaming of Jacob and how we can find true beauty and meaning right in the midst of our striving. Our struggles are not the absence of divine grace, but the very means of it.