62- A Flute and a Dirge


There is always more to every story. Each moment is multidimensional. Nonphysical reality is constantly bearing in on our physical world. Inspiration births action, ideas become things. In this post we examine our ability to see these two dimensions and tie it to our sense of apathy toward seeing. Why do we prefer to live anesthetized to reality and insist on being disappointed? We examine an allegory that depicts the wisdom to get beyond our externals.

61-Love: Circular


Even though we all know something about love, we are all still confused by it. In this post and podcast I try and expand our ideas about love. We must graduate from the notion that there are different kinds of love and embrace the scale of a singular love with many dimensions. As we do, we will also encounter a new paradigm for God. All this love in the world and all along we thought it was us.



60- Love: Vertical


We often think of our culture as a mile wide and an inch deep. How do we go deeper into love? What if our love has plateaued? What can we learn about how vertical love and horizontal love interact? In this podcast and post I share the only path I know of to go deeper into love, and that is the same pattern that God uses with us.

59- Love: Horizontal


What does it mean when we are told that “God is Love?” No person on our planet will doubt the existence of love, but some doubt the existence of God. We’ve all been told that the love of God is something other than the love we have for each other and our things. In this post, I challenge that assertion and begin to lay the groundwork for how the love of God shows up in and as our very lives. This dramatically changes the picture of God that we’ve been given and introduces us to an obtainable belief that can be experienced and seen by all people.



58-Is God mad at you? Part 5


Today this conclusion examines the parable of the wedding feast. This story alone could garner an entire series, but the focus today is the mirror message to the earlier parable of the workers in the vineyard. In this post I will show how anger and retribution are too small to be the operating framework of God. Anger exists, but it is reserved for that which is false, or in God’s view, “non-existent.” Love is the only power strong enough to displace our deeply entrenched affair with externals and self promotion. If we welcome generosity, we enter the state of heaven. We enter a kingdom where the present rules of getting even no longer apply.