73- The Ruin of Tradition


Tradition is a container. It’s the necessary structure that is constructed in order to allow the most number of people access to the containers contents or treasure. In this post and podcast I explain how the traditional level of consciousness entered conventional wisdom and provides people with meaning and purpose. While tradition brings good things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely good. While it brings bad things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely bad.  As consciousness raises, we can see in this phase the transition out of a binary system as we learn that it’s not as simple as choosing between the contents or the container. If we want the treasure, we have to buy the field (container), but a field with no treasure is expensive dirt.


72- The Ruin of the Warrior


The Warrior stage of consciousness offers solidarity for larger groups of people and provides them with a powerful identity. While it helps people engage in something much bigger than themselves, it comes with a huge cost. In this podcast and post, I explain why the warrior consciousness will never have peace and why it is so popular within religion, military and business. This is a stage that can be visited, but it must not be our home. The ruin of the warrior consciousness emerges when empathy for “the other” is found in our hearts and we take the good things from this stage into a wider understanding of the truth.


71- The Ruin of the Tribe.


The lowest form of consciousness is the tribal stage. As we begin our exploration of integral theory, this podcast exposes the many ways that tribal consciousness still remains in our “so-called” evolved world. Tribal thinking is all about appeasement to a deity, another person, or an institution because fear has not been displaced by the higher form of relating through love. I will reveal the signs that we are outgrowing the tribal stage and why all maturity necessitates the move away. The ruin of the tribe is not its eradication, but its transformation as it is integrated into wider aspects of the truth.



70-May I Ruin your New Year?


What do you think will happen if you add a bunch of effort and activity on top of last years blindness? Right now people are at a fever pitch to make changes to their lives. This may not be such a great thing. In this podcast and post I explain why we can’t just go from where we are to our best possible life by finding will power, or redoing our schedules, or becoming super focused. If we really want lasting change, we have to do the required soul work. And that is going to require an exile or a lonely desert experience where all the falseness is stripped off leaving the essence of our true self. That is the only part of our lives worth building and once we find it, we discover we are among very good company.