208- The Authenticity Test

“How do you know if someone is truly being real with you?”

What is your litmus test for authenticity? If you are like most people, you focus on a person’s deeds or misdeeds. But do they really tell the whole story?

In today’s podcast and post, we examine the passage about wolves in sheep’s clothing. Join me now as we see beyond the fake ID, into our many pseudonyms, as we discover that becoming authentic is marked not by ascending, but by first descending.

207- The Gates

“Did rock music get it right? Is there a really highway to Hell? Is there a stairway to Heaven?

In today’s post we look closer at the teaching about the two gates that lead to two roads. This image is tattooed in the psyche of our minds as single decision point on whether to go up or down. But is that really what it’s saying?

Join me now as we continue our study and see beyond the threat and discover that the difficult path enables us to discover that we are not just an animal, but a spiritual being.

206-The Big Answer to Seeking and Knocking

“Is God some kind of cosmic vending machine?”

We are all people in need. As such, it isn’t uncommon to ask for a little help now and then. At times of need or doubt we may offer a prayer to get help from a power greater than ourselves. But how many of these go unanswered? 

In today’s podcast and post we arrive at the Apex of the Sermon on the mount. If you’ve ever wanted to ask God why he didn’t answer your prayer, then you are in the right spot. Today Jesus reveals the answer to this burning question as we learn to see Beyond Everything.

205- When Judgement Becomes Hypocrisy

“Have you ever wondered why we are all so judgmental?”

It true. We cannot drive down the road, go to a public place, visit a new city or even do our favorite pastimes without passing judgement on others.  Given the fact that we deeply resent being falsely judged, why do you suppose that we are so critical of others? Why don’t we recognize our own hypocrisy?

In today’s podcast and post, we see beyond the admonition “Do not judge.” Join me now as we explore the only counter-measure powerful enough to free us into a life of peace and acceptance: ophthalmological surgery.