236- We don’t FEAR infection…

“Are you afraid of catching COVID-19?” Actually, you aren’t…

Fear and uncertainty is ramping up and doubling faster than any infection of coronavirus. Our anxieties are high, and now politics is playing the binary banjo strings to pit us against one another again. In today’s podcast and post, I will explain what all the fear is really about.

Join me now as we see beyond the fear propaganda machines, and look deeper at the existential reality of losing our life. This portal allows us to see the thing we really ought to fear.

2 thoughts on “236- We don’t FEAR infection…

  1. Colleen Szerlong

    Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. You have just confirmed in one half hour all I have known and felt for so many, many years and since COVID have had on the brink of my thoughts constantly! Thank you and God bless you. Please…carry on with your most holy work!

  2. kevwin7 Post author

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m grateful that these words were able to find you and bring you a measure of comfort. I really appreciate you tuning in. May I invite you to sign up for the podcast or newsletter where you can access this helpful content free of charge wherever you may be in the world. Peace to you.


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