43-Pick up your matt!


Get ready for a sermon that you are not likely to hear at your corner church. In this episode I explore the story of the invalid who sat at the pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years. I hope you give this a listen because there is a nuance here that can really liberate us. I can’t believe it was here all along and even though I have read and heard this story over a hundred times, I never caught this. I hope it inspires you and frees you. I look forward to your feedback.

2 thoughts on “43-Pick up your matt!

  1. Frank Mangham

    Hi Keven,
    Your messages are having a tremendously encouraging impact on me as my life is currently being challenged by the ways of the world vs faith in so many areas. I will admit a scary place to venture into if one has never truly been there before. Thank you for your weekly messages!

  2. kevwin7 Post author

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. I’ve always known there are many, many people who are called out of the general flock by many forms of suffering. Once the doctrine, dogma, routines, programs and rhetoric cease to address the deeper more pressing ache within the soul, I know that such a person has reached the limits of their containment system. I once asked our elder board this question: “What if the church has so hijacked people’s lives that liberation from it would seem sinful?” Within a month I had to leave the church.

    Frank, the exile is a scary place because it is that point where we are weened from all of the support structures that have held us thus far and we are forced to forge our faith out of that deep sincere place that yearns for God. Scripture reminds us over and over that every so-called giant in the faith had to “Go and Leave” and once they followed that voice out into the wilderness, that is where their encounter with God transformed how they understood everything.

    I hope you know that you are in very good company. And even though it at first appears that there isn’t much out here to sustain you, this time will prove that you are not alone and the “you” that emerges through this process is the life/soul/self that you always wanted. It’s then that you get to see the city that has awaited your arrival. It’s worth it and we don’t have to wait for our death to possess it. I am but one guide in this wilderness and I’m here to serve you any way that I can.

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