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Posted by on May 18, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio | 0 comments

1- Crypto God


“Where is God?”

 Believers are quick to answer this question with some theological token about omnipresence. Non-believers are quick to answer that if they knew the answer, they would probably believe.

In today’s broadcast, I will begin a series where we examine what seems like the unrelated topic of Blockchain technology and Crypto currencies, but as you’ll see, I begin from a much wider field of view. Join me now as we see beyond the Blockchain and locate the hidden (crypto) God.

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Posted by on May 12, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio | 0 comments

Lepers and Liberty


“How can you tell if you are actually free?”

Personal liberty is a core desire of every human being. Yet in our journey to find it, most of us settle for captivity.  Is that you?

In today’s broadcast we look at a parable that charts the course to freedom along a very unsuspecting route. From the view of an outcast, captivity holds promise, but in the long view, the trade off is severe. Join me now as we follow one leper who begins to see beyond everything.

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Posted by on May 5, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio |

8- Subverting the Government


“Is it possible or even necessary to subvert the government?”

No institution has more control over us than our government.  Whether you distrust it or depend upon it, scripture tells us that God has established all of them, yet it warns us to “be ware of the leaven of Harod…

Jesus dealt much with government and he models a unique path for us. It’s not rebellion. It’s not avoidance. It’s not resistance. It’s submission and subversion.  Join me now, as we look closer at how the Gospel re-identifies us from our government, not destroying it, but by transforming it. It’s a wake up call so we can see beyond everything.

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Posted by on Apr 27, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio |

7-Subverting Religion


“Do you have any desire to subvert Religion?”

World religions are very big and very powerful.  Ironically, the work of taking down a religion is the very work of most religions. In today’s broadcast, we continue to look at why religion incites so much war, hate and pain in our world. Subverting religion is required because it cannot be overpowered.

World peace will not be obtained by domination, tribal distinctions, or by ecumenicalism. Join me now as we learn to see why the subversive power of love is the only path that can repower religion into an amazing force for good.

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Posted by on Apr 21, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio |

6-Subverting the Community


“Why in the world would we want to subvert community?”

In today’s broadcast I expose the paradoxical relationship that we should have with our different communities. Yes we like our friends, groups, clubs, teams, associations and gatherings. These are the bedrock of our lives and the meeting place of community.

All this is true, but community comes with a very subtle catch. Join me now as we learn to see beyond the “fine print”of community, and discover the only means of making it better.

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Posted by on Apr 14, 2018 in Beyond Everything Radio |

5-Subverting the Family


Does subverting the Family seem like a bad thing?

Subversion literally means to “turn from beneath”or to undermine authority.  Subversion is a transfer of power that doesn’t come by might, but by anotherkindof power.

In this weeks broadcast I explain how the Gospel of the Kingdom is a subversive exchange of power. We’ll look at how Jesus subverts his own family in order to rise up and embody the larger and more inclusive family of God.

We’ll also examine how the institution of family imprisons us if we leave the family at the wrong time or in the wrong way or fail to leave at all. The institution of the family has been idolized and as a result we behave in horrible ways or suffer with tremendous guilt all in the name of family.

Join me now as we explore how the Gospel subverts the institution of the family as we learn to see beyond everything.

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