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  1. Your program on 7-22-18 was embarrassing. You seemed to imply that all religions are equally true, or at least that it is false for Christians to believe only they are saved. You perverted the parable of the workers by seeming to believe that it is ALL people who are the workers, with for instance Muslims hired also, but that is your error. The workers hired last are just Christians who led a sinful life but accepted Christ before they died in sin. I can’t believe they allow you on 670AM in Denver if you actually believe that Muslims go to Heaven just like Christians.

  2. First off, thanks so much for tuning in and taking the time to provide your feedback. I do appreciate it. I believe I stated in the program that this would be a very difficult passage for those whose sense of justice primarily surrounds that of retribution. I used to view things very similarly to you so I do understand your concern. Please know that I didn’t come to these conclusions lightly or without tremendous study. I have read the bible cover to cover nearly 100 times and my love for it has been a part of me since I was 12 years old. I would like very much the opportunity to walk you through the scripture, in the original language to show you how I arrived at these conclusions. Lastly, my mention of the Muslims, was not that they are saved, but rather that the fundamentalism within Islam would not welcome an alternative perspective to its own, and I paralleled that to the fundamentalism found in Christianity, Judaism, politics and elsewhere. My point was that humility, rather than certainty, is how we move into conformity to the truth. I know that my teaching is challenging to fundamentalism, especially Christians, but please try and remain open to the possibility that there is a wider perspective that I’m trying to invite people into, yourself included. Please email me directly at: if you would like to truly understand my vantage point. thanks again for your your feedback. I truly do appreciate it.

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