Who is Keven Winder?

I'm not a famous person so it's pretty unlikely you would know me unless we have met through one of the many communities of which I am a part.  I've served for the last 19 years in the corporate world as a sales leader in the biotech industry focusing on human genetics and cancer diagnostics. I've also served for over 25 years in some form of church or parachurch ministry. I’ve now served as an online pastor for ten years. I live in Colorado and I'm an avid downhill mountain biker and snowboarder. And all of this stuff means very little if you wanted to get to know me.

My brain almost never shuts off. You know how people look at the stars on clear nights and begin to contemplate the universe? Well, I am like that all the time. I'm constantly full of amazement and wonder. I'm curious and inquisitive. I always tend to zag when others are about to zig. I have always been the stray from the herd because of the way that I think. I see the world in both positive and negative space and this has always led me to ask tough questions about the world and life and God.

As a result, I have never really fit in. On one side I have the entrepreneurial, scientific side which appreciates my ability to find meaning in all things, but gets confused when I show how all discussions are theological. On the other side is my experience in faith systems that celebrate my faith and zeal, but can't or won't answer my questions, and usually don't know what to do with the portion of my content that doesn't fit within their box.

I've given countless years to the study of the bible (I've read it nearly 100 times). I hold a PhD in theology and ethics, and I have studied all major world religions and read their sacred texts. I say this so you understand that talking about God is not just a hobby. I have a ton of skin in the game. Regardless of titles, I love all people and essentially all I do is retell the most wonderful, inclusive message that has been given in many ways to the world.

I see God's fingerprint in every molecule of the universe and I live to help people strip away all the shellac that is layered on life so they can get to the thing behind the thing. No matter what religion a person claims to follow, or if they claim they follow none at all, it is my role in life to help prove to you that God has invaded your field of view. Once our distractions, or anesthesia wears off, we can see things much better. It's not as we thought. Thankfully.

While I understand psychological theory, I don't do therapy for people. While I understand the coaching model, I don't really coach people in a common way. I simply connect people to the wisdom of God through the context of friendship. It's like spraying the windshield wipers and gaining a clear line of sight.  I'm non-invasive and I will help liberate you, not encumber you, nor entangle you into some religious system.

This content is here to help you, to serve you, and to equip you to live an amazing life. No matter where you are from, or what belief system you behold, I will only invite you into a larger and more inclusive story, while I learn from you. Together we will become way more together. I hope you find the content in here helpful and if I can do anything for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

2 thoughts on “Who is Keven Winder?

  1. Pauline Ketcher

    Are you a Christian? Do you believe the Bible is God breathed or do you leave to your own interpretation?

  2. kevwin7 Post author

    Thanks for your question. Yes. I am a Christian. I do believe the bible is the inspired word of God and have given my entire life to it’s study and I hold advanced degrees in the subject. Like all pastors and bible teachers, I have my own spin, but I work very hard to apply the principles of hermeneutics each time I teach from scripture. I don’t say any of this to impress you or sound like a big shot, I offer it only so that you can know that I do not take biblical teaching in a cavalier fashion. If you are new to my teaching, some of it may seem a bit different than what you may be used to, especially if “the way I say it” differs from what you are used to. Romans 1:14 shows Paul being under “obligation or “in debted” to “Greeks and non-Greeks” meaning that in order for the Gospel to be heard it must be communicated within the framework of the hearer. As such, I work hard at contextualizing the teaching of scripture to a very diverse audience. Let me now if I can answer any specifics directly. I’ll be happy to take it offline with you. info@kevenwinder.com Peace to you. k

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