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Be warned, this blog is not always safe and tidy. While this is not a venue where I rant and drone on about problems, this is the place where my ideas first come out in print. They are unfiltered and as such are likely to say things that cause some to wonder about me. But I believe they are inspired and will challenge and encourage you.

I'm not dogmatic about everything in here. This is the environment where I wrestle with ideas and ask big questions. It is a place for free thinking and exploration.

2 thoughts on “Blog: Thrive in Exile

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    Welcome and thanks so much for taking a look at this content. If you like it, please jump over to the Winder’s Windshield page so you can sign up for my weekly newsletter and never miss a post. Best wishes and lets meet up in August when the entire LS is together.
    Best Wishes. k

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