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96- God and Suicide

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in KevKast | 1 comment


What is it with fundamentalism and it’s view on suicide? Suicide seems to bring to the forefront weird theologies that lay in the backdrop of people’s minds. The result makes a bad situation far worse than it is.  In this post and podcast I dust off an archive from July of 2013 and I show how the church has oppressed the poor in the area of suicide.  Suicide is multifaceted and should never be a doctrine that is dished out willy-nilly. I will explore the Christ story as a story of self-slaughter. As such we are given a path to understanding and an icon for healing to those who are left behind.

95-Burden of Belief

Posted by on Jul 8, 2017 in KevKast |


Religious system are constantly playing “Red Rover” with the world as they try to turn unbelievers into believers. They shift the burden of belief to outsiders and offer a binary choice of either “in” or  “out.” In today’s podcast and post I ask the question: “Can a threat create authentic faith?” I offer an explanation for why the faith of every person is valid and why we need to avoid competitive religions or truth claims. If we do, the result is an authentic belief that stems from the suffering and mess of everyday life. It’s accessible to all and there is no threshold or burden of belief. There are not multiple stories of varying validity of which we are burdened to choose, there is only one story retold in every person, which means faith is accessible to all.

94- Body and Soul

Posted by on Jul 1, 2017 in KevKast |



Last week I proved the existence of non-physical reality. In this weeks post and podcast we go deeper by examining the interplay between the physical (body) and the non-physical (soul) by looking at our bodies. We err when our dualistic mind forces us to pick whether we are a body without a soul or a soul trapped in a body. We are a hybridization of both limitless spirit within a limited body and the design is interdependence.  The limitations of our body are purposed to develop our soul and the soul shapes the works of the body. Unfortunately, religion turns this into behavior modification or sin management. Nonetheless, there remains an icon for us in the Christian story to view ultimate humanity. The interplay between body and soul is both the cause of all suffering and the healing of the world. What will it be for you?

93- Dimensions and the Proof of God

Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in KevKast |


A line has one dimension. A square has two dimensions. A cube has three. We know that time is the fourth dimension, but what is after that? In this podcast and post I will prove the existence of God by proving the existence of the spiritual (non-physical) dimension. I will prove this dimension exists by utilizing mathematics which comes from this non-physical dimension. For our post-modern, rationally based, scientific world, the genesis of discovering one’s spiritual capacity comes primarily from a rational basis for faith. That is the moment of conception for a journey unlike any other. Where will it take you?


92- What is Worship?

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017 in KevKast |


Worship is a deeply spiritual experience but not as you may assume. Worship is not something that only religious people do. In this podcast and post I will explain why worship is seen as an aspect of competitive religious claims and why there is so much confusion about what it really is. We all worship, but it’s not as cliché as WHO or WHAT we worship. I will suggest that worship goes beyond what we know. Worship is the thing beyond the thing that we usually call worship. It is the sacred space that is potentially accessed through every single thing in life. Ultimately worship is not sequestration, but incarnation and to truly live is the event horizon to experience the joy of God.

91- The Wealth of the Rich

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in KevKast |


Wealth and poverty are not about money. Those who make this assumption, almost always run into problems. In this podcast and post I will show how wealth is decision making skill and the most wealthy person in any environment is the one with the most decision making skill. Sacred texts have a name for this decision making skill and it’s called wisdom. Tune in to learn how wisdom is not the accumulation of knowledge but the skill to use the knowledge we possess. Furthermore, I provide the single greatest solution to eradicate economic suffering that our world has ever seen. Our engagement in this solution is not optional, and our suffering correlates directly to our disengagement.


90-The Poverty of the Poor

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in KevKast |


How do you define poverty? What is the cause of poverty? In this podcast and post I will prove that poverty is not what we commonly assume. Most of what we call poverty is actually the by-product of poverty. Is there something wrong with affluence? Do we live in a zero-sum world where the stingy are accumulating at the expense of others? The definition I bring challenges these assumptions and the solution I offer is not what you may think.

89- Corporate Kool-Aid

Posted by on May 27, 2017 in KevKast |


We all know something about drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, but have you considered just how deep this subject actually goes? In this podcast and post I will show that drinking the corporate Kool-Aid is the price we pay in order to receive the identity and life that our organizations can give us. Unhappiness is the realization that the Kool-Aid is unavoidable and some people think the answer is to become anti-corporate or to go off the grid. Freedom is possible and it is found in a paradoxical way. We need not give up on society, or our dreams, but we must surrender the means. One rule replaces all the rules. One motivation replaces all motivations.  A true identity means we are free from the one the system gives us. Freedom is to be in the world but not of it.

88- Justice: It’s NOT what you think.

Posted by on May 20, 2017 in KevKast |


Based on all the feedback and questions I decided to add one more addition to this series. It will be extremely difficult to expand or alter one’s view of Heaven and Hell unless we get to the bottom of JUSTICE. In this post and podcast, I will prove that justice is not based in retribution as we are all taught, but in restoration. The overarching goal of God is not to get even with us, but to make everyone of us whole. For those who can’t get over injustice, I share a story that destroys retribution and I offer a link with 132 verses from scripture just to prove how predominant this alternative sense of justice really is.

87- The Afterlife

Posted by on May 13, 2017 in KevKast |


What happens when we die? This question has ignited both science and religion. In this post and podcast I will take the best of science, sacred text, and human experience and list eleven key considerations that will widen our understanding. Of course no one knows for sure what is on the other side, but we are left with amazing clues. After assembling the pieces that I have, my best advice is to not make the afterlife your goal. Instead, find humility so you can access the afterlife now. Then, very little will change upon our death.

86 – The Chasm

Posted by on May 6, 2017 in KevKast |


In part three of this series we examine a story that depicts a vast rift between Heaven and Hell called the great chasm. In this podcast and post I will show that this is not a geological feature of a literal Hell, but an aspect of separation within the heart. Furthermore, we discover that the chasm reveals the potentiation of seemingly small things and proves they are actually really big things. I show how all of religion tries to address this problem and I break down the solution to its most basic form that each of us can apply.


85-Lake of Fire

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in KevKast |


Is the Lake of Fire a future destination for all evil people to be tormented forever? Is it possible that the Lake of Fire is a metaphor used to illuminate a reality bigger than it’s imagery? In this podcast and post I will weave together a number of vital components in scripture to show that the Lake of Fire is the place for all pseudonyms and is the crucible through which our true self emerges.

84- Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

Posted by on Apr 22, 2017 in KevKast |


If you’ve seen the movie Constantine or other horror movies, then you understand Hollywood’s conception of Hell. As I grew up, I have to admit that my notion wasn’t much different–until I really started reading the bible. Then my idea of Hell was permanently altered. In this post and podcast we will examine the idiom of “Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth” to learn something very surprising. What if the fires of Hell are not a future of torture, but an illustration of the path we each take when turning loose of our pride?

83- Liberation despite Sin

Posted by on Apr 15, 2017 in KevKast |


Easter is the time where the Jesus-O-Meter is pegged into the red zone. Pastors focus on the historical aspects of Jesus story in order to elevate substitutionary atonement. We’re told that if we believe, we will be free from our sin. Yet our sins remain. Is it possible that the church has made Easter about the means and not about its purpose? In this podcast and post I will show that the real purpose of Easter is not to remove sin, but to liberate us from the countless systems that imprison us despite our sin.

82- The Three-Sided Cage

Posted by on Apr 8, 2017 in KevKast |


A dog crate with no door defeats the point of the crate because a dog seeking freedom simply walks away. In this podcast and post I will utilize a metaphor of a three-sided prison to help illustrate the tragic state of so many of us. Why don’t we walk out into the freedom we really want? Why is the prison we know preferred to the freedom for which we long? Once we gain the eyes to see the only thing left is to follow the voice that leads us out into the exile of freedom.


81- Confused?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in KevKast |


I know that I confuse a lot of people. This happens because I bring together seemingly unrelated ideas. Our confusion is often dismissed or skimmed over and in the podcast and post I want to invite you to explore areas of confusion because it is a window into something truly profound. Here I will weave together multiple diverse ingredients as an object lesson that exposes how our pride robs us of learning from others and it robs the world of our unique contribution. This is all hidden beyond our confusion and I’ll help you gain the required categories in order to see it.


80- Practice YOUR Practice.

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017 in KevKast |


Do you see yourself as a spiritual person? If not, then you probably don’t define many of your activities as spiritual practice. If you do, then you likely have a number spiritual practices in which you engage. In this post and podcast I tell my story of how my spiritual practice has evolved over the years. The further we perceive God from our inner reality, the more elaborate the practice will be. Religion has commoditized spiritual practice and too often it diminishes the experience of those who don’t subscribe. I give you a new lens to see spirituality and a menu from which all comers can know a transformative inner experience.

79- The Open Floor Plan

Posted by on Mar 11, 2017 in KevKast |


The ancient tabernacle and temple was said to be the dwelling place of God. Its design had a three spaces that represented closer proximity to God who dwelt in darkness inside the inner most room called the Holy of Holies. In this podcast and post I show how the tearing of the temple veil is the ultimate remodel of religion. God creates an open floor plan where people are no longer isolated from God. It’s a NEW THEOLOGY. One that doesn’t require the structure, process or religion to access God. The open floor plan means we each have direct access and it shows up as that small little voice inside us.


78-Updating Gods Profile Picture

Posted by on Mar 4, 2017 in KevKast |


Mainline denominations are in decline. The church’s response is to blame the culture and claim that it no longer has any desire for God. In this podcast and post I will show that modern people are very curious and interested in God, but their consciousness has outgrown a regressive, tribal, and threatening portrait of God. While institutionalized religion needs this image of God to sustain itself, individuals don’t. Faith is ultimately between oneself and God (Rom 14:22), thus the image of God is not some man “up there” somewhere, but the power within us showing up as our very life.


77-The Threshold for Meaning

Posted by on Feb 25, 2017 in KevKast | 1 comment


We all ascribe meaning to something. There is no such thing as a meaningless existence. What is it that causes us to see one thing as meaningful and another thing as random? In this podcast and post I examine the threshold at which point something becomes meaningful and how suffering is often the basis for a high threshold. While most view suffering as a detour to life, I will show how it is actually the path to our best life. If we can find meaning in suffering, then our threshold lowers to where we will find meaning in everything.

76-Third Tier Consciousness

Posted by on Feb 18, 2017 in KevKast |


In the conclusion of this series, we take a look at the highest (known) level of consciousness. In this post and podcast we will learn three very important lessons on our way to high consciousness and guess what, it is not limited to those with high IQ’s. In fact, as you will learn, the integral stage is within all of our grasp. And if that is true, then so is a united world.



75- The Ruin of Postmodernism.

Posted by on Feb 11, 2017 in KevKast |


Millennials get an unfair rap as if they are the only ones with a postmodern worldview. In this podcast and post I explain why some so-called post-moderns are actually people bouncing around between lower stages of consciousness. True postmodernism is the integration of multiple stages of consciousness and while it does reflect an evolution of our thinking, it isn’t perfect. For this reason, many in traditional, scientific, and militaristic levels really push back against postmodernism as if it is a regression rather than a progression in consciousness. Today we learn why the ruin of postmodernism is not its eradication but ironically, its inclusion of the contributions of other stages of consciousness.  Why does such an inclusive group struggle so much with including certain ideas?



74- The Ruin of Science.

Posted by on Feb 4, 2017 in KevKast |


In this weeks podcast and post we continue our examination of the stages of consciousness by looking at the scientific or modern stage.  The scientific/ modern level is the first stage of consciousness that empowers people to set aside their differences in order to focus on something bigger than themselves. All higher consciousness moves toward unity. While true science doesn’t allow for opinion or bias in the process, we live in a world where groups of people manipulate science for personal gain. This is actually not science, but tribalism masking as higher consciousness. Quantum physics has forced science to accept non-empirically based reality as fact, and as a result finds increasing alignment with theological pursuits of truth. The result has great promise for humanity, but first we must move beyond our post-modern pitfalls.

73- The Ruin of Tradition

Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in KevKast |


Tradition is a container. It’s the necessary structure that is constructed in order to allow the most number of people access to the containers contents or treasure. In this post and podcast I explain how the traditional level of consciousness entered conventional wisdom and provides people with meaning and purpose. While tradition brings good things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely good. While it brings bad things like structure and control, it isn’t entirely bad.  As consciousness raises, we can see in this phase the transition out of a binary system as we learn that it’s not as simple as choosing between the contents or the container. If we want the treasure, we have to buy the field (container), but a field with no treasure is expensive dirt.


72- The Ruin of the Warrior

Posted by on Jan 21, 2017 in KevKast |


The Warrior stage of consciousness offers solidarity for larger groups of people and provides them with a powerful identity. While it helps people engage in something much bigger than themselves, it comes with a huge cost. In this podcast and post, I explain why the warrior consciousness will never have peace and why it is so popular within religion, military and business. This is a stage that can be visited, but it must not be our home. The ruin of the warrior consciousness emerges when empathy for “the other” is found in our hearts and we take the good things from this stage into a wider understanding of the truth.