What’s Your Question?

Whether you are skeptic, an atheist or a devout believer, we have all had some sort of religious experience, whether externally or internally. Some of us grew up in a very rigid religious environment, while others had virtually no religious experience. But we all share something in common: we all have wondered if God is real.

Atheists use a set of categories and conclude there is no God. Believers of all denominations and faiths use a different set of categories and conclude there is a God. So how can we know for sure?

What if the categories themselves are no longer helpful to you? You need someone who can sort all this out. That's me. That is what I do. I make sense of the religious categories you possess and enable you to see God in your life.

Why don't you test me by just dropping me an email with your biggest life question. Who knows where it will take you.

You can also sign up for my newsletter: Winder's Windshield, or access any of my content. It's all here to make sure that if there is a God, that we don't miss Him/Her.




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