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265-The Forty Third

“Do you know what it means to possess a “downcast soul?”

In today’s podcast and post we pause and return to our ongoing series exploring Psalms’ Greatest Hits with a look at the Forty-Third Psalm. What does it mean to have a downcast soul? What can we learn about inner turmoil?

Join me now as we see beyond our surface level disappointment and touch the depth of true suffering. Perhaps we will discover that there is no such thing as meaningless suffering in our world.

215- Why We Burn Out

“Why do we Burn Out?”

If you are like most people, you think burnout is the fatigue caused by working too hard or working too long. As a result, we think vacations are the counter-weight which bring our lives back in balance.

In today’s podcast and post we look closer at burnout and discover that balance is an unhelpful tool to temporarily suppresses our feelings and deeper questions. Join me now as we go beyond the bad advice and discover a new definition of burnout which opens up a new way to live.