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122-The Guy Who Posts Religious Stuff



This will be the last “rerun” for a while as we will begin broadcasting “Beyond Everything Radio” next week. This post comes from 2015 and I talk about what we all experience every single day. What goes on inside our heads when we hear people post various things online? What happens when someone posts something about God? In this post and podcast I share an experience with someone else’s message, while totally owning the fact that to others, I am that guy. When we boil it down, we discover that we are all in the same boat. None of us have all the truth, while we all have some of it. Thus we are all partial believers in the truth. What a great place to start learning. I hope you’ll tune in today.

42- The guy who tried to convert me.


Whether it be one of those manipulative Facebook posts or a person with strong religious convictions, we all tend to have a similar reaction toward things that seem like we are getting set up. In this post I show how this experience is telling us that we are bumping up against a rigid binary system where we will be deemed valid or invalid. It turns out that religion is full of duality whereas true spirituality evolves into a ternary mindset and is evidenced by the simple beauty of humility.