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93- Dimensions and the Proof of God


A line has one dimension. A square has two dimensions. A cube has three. We know that time is the fourth dimension, but what is after that? In this podcast and post I will prove the existence of God by proving the existence of the spiritual (non-physical) dimension. I will prove this dimension exists by utilizing mathematics which comes from this non-physical dimension. For our post-modern, rationally based, scientific world, the genesis of discovering one’s spiritual capacity comes primarily from a rational basis for faith. That is the moment of conception for a journey unlike any other. Where will it take you?


87- The Afterlife


What happens when we die? This question has ignited both science and religion. In this post and podcast I will take the best of science, sacred text, and human experience and list eleven key considerations that will widen our understanding. Of course no one knows for sure what is on the other side, but we are left with amazing clues. After assembling the pieces that I have, my best advice is to not make the afterlife your goal. Instead, find humility so you can access the afterlife now. Then, very little will change upon our death.

68-The God of Everyone


Is there a God? Is God just a conception of man? Is God just a myth like the tooth fairy designed to comfort us? In this Advent series post and podcast I will explore why religion is never discussed at a dinner party and how everyone who ever lived is a person of faith. I will do this by proving that mathematics and theology utilize a similar framework which levels the playing field for all people while allowing for a vast diversity of experiences.



67- The God of Disappointment.



We all come face to face with disappointment. It can be very unpleasant until we learn what disappointment really is. In this Advent series of podcasts and posts, I will show how disappointment is ultimately the result of us encountering wider aspects of the truth which we suppress rather than love. Trying not to set our hopes too high doesn’t work, but going with the flow, or following the invitation that is present within disappointment will bring us into a place that is impossible to reach without this particular kind of suffering. Discover the benevolence of disappointment.




54-Is God mad at you? part 1



The subject of whether God is mad at us is highly divisive. People feel very strong about their perspectives. Is God angry with us? If so, why? In this post I begin a short series where I take on this subject by examining the implications of having an angry God, namely that such a being requires appeasement. Appeasement=religious practice. If we then look at substitutionary atonement in the Christian faith, we need to ask a sobering question: “If Jesus bore the punishment for all our sins, how can God still be mad at us?” Our answer is a gauge telling us how deep we are within a culture or institution of fear.