195- I Solemnly Swear

“Are you the kind of person that really needs to be proven right?” Is it hard to say “No” or let things go?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series rediscovering the sermon on the mount as we take a closer look at the meaning behind taking an oath. We take oaths in court, or when we marry, or in certain kinds of jobs. It seems oaths and keeping promises are integral to the truth and to a society seeking to avoid corruption.

But what if oath taking has a dark side that remains invisible to us until its almost too late? Join me now as we see beyond oath taking and explore how it takes away our freedom and what the alternative might be.

48-Duty is deficient.


I know that our world really loves and honors a sense of duty, but I think we can do better. In this post I share why I strive never to do anything out of a sense of duty. I have learned that duty is a deficient motivation for any action. I will share how we can access the single greatest motivator in the universe, the law of love. If we are able to access love, all of our obligations transform into pleasures. Duty creates a begrudging prison for us, while love frees us and compels us to do the same tasks on an entirely different level. If your life is a living hell of obligations to everyone else’s agenda, then this podcast is for you.