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220-Healing our Bodies through Faith

“Is it reasonable to expect healing when science has concluded that healing is not possible?

In today’s post and podcast, we go a bit deeper into our exploration of healing, by examining the role of faith in healing our bodies. Quantum science has forced the rewriting of empirical frameworks for understanding our world and moves us incrementally closer to the world depicted in sacred texts.

Join me now as I show the similarities between quantum entanglement and prayer, and take us beyond everything into their single biggest difference. That difference, may just be the reason why faith changes everything, even science.

87- The Afterlife


What happens when we die? This question has ignited both science and religion. In this post and podcast I will take the best of science, sacred text, and human experience and list eleven key considerations that will widen our understanding. Of course no one knows for sure what is on the other side, but we are left with amazing clues. After assembling the pieces that I have, my best advice is to not make the afterlife your goal. Instead, find humility so you can access the afterlife now. Then, very little will change upon our death.

51-Quantum and other kinds of Entanglement


Quantum mechanics forces scientists to employ an entirely different set of rules in order to make sense of their findings. Newtonian physics and the laws of our physical world do not comport in the quantum universe. While science may not have categories or terms for non-physical based reality in the quantum sciences, they are striving to find them.

Spirituality on the other hand is precisely the category for non-physical reality where the laws of physics, time and space have no bearing. Despite these discoveries, science and religion are still not necessarily agreeing with each other and it has to do with the entanglements that both hold on to.