248-One World 5: Hinduism as the Unmanifested

“How well do you know Hinduism?”

Sure, we may know about yoga, meditation or gurus from a distance, but what does the West really understand about what some call the world’s oldest religion?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our One World series with a vital consideration of Hinduism.

Join me now as we see beyond the thirty-three million little deities and discover a monotheistic belief system that has influenced the entire world.

80- Practice YOUR Practice.


Do you see yourself as a spiritual person? If not, then you probably don’t define many of your activities as spiritual practice. If you do, then you likely have a number spiritual practices in which you engage. In this post and podcast I tell my story of how my spiritual practice has evolved over the years. The further we perceive God from our inner reality, the more elaborate the practice will be. Religion has commoditized spiritual practice and too often it diminishes the experience of those who don’t subscribe. I give you a new lens to see spirituality and a menu from which all comers can know a transformative inner experience.