211- Three Levels of Thanks

“What does it mean to be thankful?”

In my contemplation recently, I have looked closely at the nature of gratitude and how we grow into grateful people. I have discovered at least three different levels of gratitude which I’ll share in this podcast.

Join me now as we see beyond our thanksgiving turkey into what makes us truly grateful people.

65- Food Network and Porn


What makes a sin sinful? Is it societal law? Is it religious law? Or is it something else? In this post and podcast I compare the biological impulses of sex and food to show just how biased and inconsistent religion has been with regard to the sins of sexual immorality and gluttony.  If you were taught like me that sin is that bad thing we do, then get ready for a real ride as I pose questions for which most pastors will not approve. What we will learn is a game changer in how we live our life and how we view morality.