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374-Parenting Teens 7-The Difficult Teen

“Do difficult teens really exist? What is really behind teens who are rebellious, disrespectful, or willfully disobedient?”

In today’s podcast and post, we conclude our series on parenting teens with a look at difficult teens. I’ll offer some philosophical considerations which can lend themselves to very practical strategies for helping these challenging situations.

Join me now as we see beyond the difficult teen and discover the common threads which account for so much of the pain that exists in our households.

332-Famous Last Words 7- The Father will send a Helper

What makes a person ‘Spiritual?’ What do people mean when they talk about the Holy Spirit?”

In today’s podcast and post we continue in our study of Jesus’ Famous Last Words with a look at his promise: ‘I will ask the Father and He will send a Helper.’ What could this have meant to the disciples at that time, and what does it mean for us today?

Join me now as we deconstruct this promise from within the context of this passage and discover that a spiritual life is not something we possess or live to get, but something we are and a place from which we live.