Rediscovering the Bible

Like many of you, I've heard a lot of sermons in my life. I've read the bible cover to cover nearly 100 times and most of the books in it far more than that, I've studied the original languages and I've read countless books, blogs, and papers about the bible and its stories. Yet through all this study and my seminary experience, I rarely heard something new.

The more I studied, the more something big began to emerge through the lines of text. Something alive. Something real and tangible. It was bigger than a theology. It was more than a theory. It was an experience that was shared between reader and writer. 

This birthed an awareness to a narrative that I had never seen before. This is poured into each and every post and podcast within these series. If you give yourself to this discovery, I can almost guarantee that you will emerge seeing things in a new perspective. That is my work and my passion, to help you see Beyond Everything.

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