Who is Keven Winder?

I'm not a famous person so it's pretty unlikely you would know me unless we have met through one of the many communities of which I am a part.  I've served for the last 21 years in the corporate world as a sales leader in the biotech industry focusing on human genetics and cancer diagnostics. I started out and served for over 25 years in some form of church or parachurch ministry. I’ve now served as an online pastor for over ten years. I live in Colorado and I'm an avid mountain biker.

When it comes to questions about the world, life and God, I can handle the big stuff.  I've given countless years to the study of the bible in its original languages. I hold a PhD in theology and ethics, and I have studied all major world religions and read their sacred texts. I say this so you understand that talking about God is not just a hobby. I also have a ton of skin in the game. Ask your guru, pastor, priest or imam your biggest question, then ask me the same one. Compare the answers and test for yourself if I possess any wisdom, then follow the wisest voices you can.

Our world is a dis-integrated system where confusion, delusion, and suffering abound. Despite the world's efforts to outgrow religion and escape its grasp, it has only become more religious, not less. Everything is a "thing", a surrogate religion or idol which demands the time, calories, dollars, and life of those around us. In my studies, I've found only one true antidote to the captivity of religion, and that is the freedom of the Gospel. This is not some cloaked religious jaw or conversion project. It is the one thing that will keep us from exchanging our true self with the fake ID that these institutions offer in trade. It's not what you think. Religion got the gospel wrong and the proof is the existence of the religion itself.

This content is like spraying the windshield wipers and gaining a clear line of sight. It's all for free. You buy it with your time and presence.  I don't have a "thing" you need to join. There is no "place" to go, no ritual, rite, or religion that I offer. This virtual gathering or assembly is transformed by the renewing of our minds within the privacy of our own lives. Once we free ourself from our need to have a king or institution to rule over us, we'll discover a community of people who have long awaited our arrival.


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