443-Rome 20: God is FOR Us…

“What does it mean when Paul says: “God is FOR us.” And why does religion insist God is only for those on his team?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Romans examining one of the most encouraging passages in scripture, and how religion has shrunk it’s big message, constraining it into a backward framework.

Join me now as I do my best to bring to you the scale and proportion of this Good News, so that we can all possess these words of Life.

442-Rome 19: Groanings Beyond Comparison

“Why is delaying gratification so difficult, but also so beneficial to our lives?” Why do so many of us choose a tiny bit of good now, instead of an in-comprehendible amount of good later?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Romans with another layer in chapter 8.  Paul illuminates a way to think and live that is so much bigger than religion.

Join me now as we compare Paul’s definition of salvation to that of modern religion, and ask ourselves why we would ever settle for a personal transaction, when we are offered a cosmic transformation?

441-One Hundred Nineteen: Daleth

“What does it mean to bow? What does it mean to lower oneself?

In today’s podcast and post we return to our series entitled Psalms Greatest Hits, with part 4 of Psalm 119: Daleth. 

Join me now as I compare how the Psalmist approaches suffering to that of our modern world. We’ll learn that strength for life is not gained in avoidance, or through altering our chemistry or circumstances, but by clinging to the words of God in and through our suffering.

440-Rome 18: The Amazon Boxes Keep Coming

“What does it mean to be “In Christ.” Popular preachers tell us that it means we have been converted to the Christian religion, or that we belong to the correct Christian church, but Paul has another idea…

In today’s podcast and post we continue in our series in Romans with another section of chapter eight, where Paul makes a distinction about what it means to be “in Christ.”

Join me now as Paul reveals how his Christology can free all comers from the limitations of both Plato and religion.

439-The Gospel of Instagram

In this special edition podcast, I riff on my experience on Instagram where I observed pastors railing at each other about who has the correct Gospel. I share some of my experiences with a few different versions of the Gospel that have surfaced in Evangelicalism along with my experience so far on how I have come to understand it. In the end, I hope this rant serves you and gives all comers a new perspective, and a bit more thirst to explore what the Gospel looks like in their lives.

438-Rome 17: Setting The Mind

“What does it mean to set our minds on something? And why doesn’t our world consider this a spiritual practice?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our series in Romans, considering Paul’s admonishment against setting our minds on the things of the flesh. 

Join me now as we discover that the battle between our flesh and spirit is not for the appearance of moral superiority, but is the very means by which all things will be renewed.

437- Rome 16: There is NOW…NO Condemnation

“What does it mean to be “in Christ?” Evangelicalism tells us that it means we are converted to the Christian religion, but how could that be true, if this religion didn’t exist when Paul wrote this letter?

In today’s podcast and post we continue to follow Paul’s logic…All have sinned AND all are Justified in Christ. Paul’s Good News is that everyone is “technically been put in-Christ”, but not everyone considers themselves to be there.

Join me now as we learn why religion insists on condemnation when Paul claims we’re now done with that.

436-Rome 15: The Real Hotel California

“If one of your deeply hidden sinful secrets were to be made known to everyone at church, or work, or on your social media, would you face condemnation and judgment, or compassion and understanding? I think we all know the answer to this…

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Romans with a look at chapter 7. Is Paul making excuses for his behavior? Is he saying: “The Devil made me do it.”?

Join me now as Paul’s Gospel reveals that freedom from sin is neither the stopping of our sin, nor the tolerance of sin, but the loving distinction between sin and the sinner, which is supposed to free the world from condemning one another

435- Rome 14: Faith Despite Sin

“What does it mean to have ‘freedom from sin?’ Paul’s answer may shock you because it would not likely  be accepted in most modern churches.

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series in Romans finishing up chapter 6 with a look at Paul’s framework for inner and outer freedom. Paul’s letter is hitting its stride, and if you are staying with it, prepare for your mind to expand.

Join me now as we discover how freedom is an alternative captivity that is based upon the compulsion of love rather than the obligation of our appetites.

434-Rome 13: If God Justifies All, Why Even Try?

“If God has justified all people, then what’s the point of trying to live morally? Why not just let everyone do whatever they want?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series examining Paul’s letter to Rome, with a look at the pushback that his religious audience is giving. What is it about the Gospel that causes the religious mind to reject its inclusivity? Why doesn’t it make sense to some?

Join me now as we learn Paul’s framework for how this all plays out, and why so many prefer religion to the Gospel.