What is Un-Coaching?

Life coaches are everywhere. They can be amazing, but they are getting a bit cliché. 

Most life coaches help you to do more because they believe if you DO more you will BE more. The basic process is either addition or subtraction. " Start doing these things, stop doing those things."  

Life coaches often take more than they offer: MORE of your time. MORE of your effort. MORE of your energy. Keep grinding..."ONE DAY" you'll get there. Keep writing checks...

Don't you think your life is more than a mathematical equation? I do. What do you suppose will happen if you add effort and output on top of blindness?

I'm the original UN-COACH because my approach is 180 degrees out of sync with the herd.  

The other annoying thing about life-coaches is that they all put you "in their funnel." At some level, they want you to pay them for that little bit of advice they are going to give you. They trick you to think they are worth the money if they know famous people or have become famous themselves.

I don't do this. I'm not charging you money. You pay with your time and presence. I'll put my coaching strategy up against the best in the world, and it brings me joy to give it away. You're not in my funnel, you're not a business model, you are a friend.

BEING does NOT come from our DOING! No amount of effort will produce your True Identity, because it's not an accomplishment. We start with who you ARE. Then you can know what you really want. From there you can work on goals while you celebrate the success you already possess every day.

Life need not be a grind, a competition, or a struggle. Life need not be something deferred until one day when everything goes right. Life is profound, and deep and meaningful, and what we do with it really matters. 

Un-Coaching will help ensure you don't skim over the depth that is your life.

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