Rome: The Letter Lost in Religion

Photo by Chait Goli:

The book of Romans in the New Testament is perhaps Paul's opus. It is filled with theological terms, frameworks, and has been described as the essential book for the Pauline Gospel. 

If you aren't' familiar with the Bible, Paul's letter to the Roman church probably doesn't mean much to you, other than the fact that you have likely been quoted something from this book by a well-meaning pastor, friend, or loved one.

For those who have been a part of the Christian tradition, then you know that Paul's letter has some of the most challenging theological teachings and truly understanding it is not so straight forward. All too often, pastors and bible teachers either default into teaching small sound-bytes of Paul's work, or the double down into a twenty-five year series where the over complicate it to the point that it has little value to life.

This series is different. This series recognizes this was a letter, intended to be written and understood in one sitting. I break down the themes, with a high level of scholarship and consideration for the hermeneutical process, with the text (not tradition) leading the way from the original language.

The result is the Book of Romans unlike any version you've ever heard. This is because so much of Paul's rich teaching has been obscured by 2000 years of church history. Now you can join me and the others, in re-learning this book. Yes, some deconstruction will be required, but the result is a pure and joyful enlargement of the Gospel that Paul died bringing to the world.

Get ready to rediscover that the Gospel was never intended to put us into a religion, rather it has always been the power to free all people from all of them.