Podcast: Beyond Everything Radio

These are the weekly podcasts and former On-Air recordings from previous radio programming since 2015.

This podcast is unusual content in that Keven shares his journey from serving as a pastor for twenty-five years and then leaving the "church delivery system" and serving as an online pastor for the last twelve years, while he works bi-vocationally in the bio-tech industry.

By escaping the light pollution of 2000 years of Church history, Keven's podcast is a fresh re-telling of Biblical revelation with a seminary level "deep-dive" into  the text, which constantly illuminates how the Bible frees us all from religion, and is not a bludgeoning tool that gets or keeps people trapped religion. 

Once you "see" what Keven is pointing to, you'll come to appreciate this content as much as his growing audience does. If you ever have a question, Keven would be happy to discuss it.