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398-5-The Dark Night

“Have you ever heard of “The Dark Night of the Soul?” How do we know if we are in it?

Today we continue our series of “A Course in Darkness” with a look at The Dark Night of the Soul. The term itself makes us feel like we might understand what this experience is like, but as you’ll see, that is usually not the case.

Join me now as I try and describe the Dark Night and its true purpose, with the hope that if we ever find ourselves in its grasp, that we can embrace it and the transformation it brings.

397-4-Shadow and Image

“Do you know the difference between and image and a shadow?

In today’s podcast and post, we continue our series entitled; “A Course in Darkness” with an examination of the metaphors of an image and a shadow. Throughout human history, we have tried a million different things to free ourselves from our dark side, or our shadow yet nothing has ever worked.

Join me now as I explain why moralism, psychology, religion, and denial have no power over our shadow, and how we can be restored to an image.

396-3-The Purpose of Darkness

“What is the purpose of our human darkness and all the suffering that comes from it?

In today’s podcast and post, I continue in our series called “A Course in Darkness” where I will explore the purpose of our darkness. I’ll prove how a person who rejects God because of all the meaningless suffering in the world, is actually complicit to that suffering.

Join me now as we discover the purpose of darkness and how it reveals not only our state of weakness, but also our role in restoring the world with the light of God.

395-2-The Darkness of God

“Why has no religion nor spiritual pursuit in the history of humanity ever successfully eradicated humanity from our dark side?”

Think about it. How successful has your own spiritual process been? In today’s podcast and post we continue our series entitled “A Course in Darkness” with an examination of God’s darkness.

Join me now as we see beyond our flimsy theologies, our tribal notions, and failed prayers, to gain a transformative perspective of the Darkness of God.

394- A Course in Darkness: Part 1

“How well do you think you perceive or understand ultimate reality?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a new series entitled “A Course in Darkness.” Most of us would appraise ourselves as being fairly perceptive or as having good understanding, but how can we know for sure? 

Join me now as I open up a passage which offers a simple test of whether we live in the light or are deluding ourselves in darkness.

393- Fifty First

“Does God get tired of us constantly failing to live from a pure heart?

Let’s face it, every single person, no matter how spiritual they believe themselves to be, is continually sinning. Sure, our sins morph over time to things that are more acceptable, but the heart within us is as the old hymn says: “Prone to wander.”

Today we circle back to our ongoing series of Psalms Greatest Hits with a visit to one of David’s lowest and darkest periods of life. Join me now as we see beyond everything and follow in his footsteps toward our spiritual restoration from our greatest sins.

392-7-Rethinking Judgment

“Do you believe there will be a great judgment day where God will judge everyone?” If so, what do you believe is going to happen? 

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series with a closer look at Judgment Day. The bible does talk about this event, but when we look closer, we discover nuances that are often missed which are vital to the discussion.

Join me now as we re-consider Judgment Day from the perspective of restoration rather than retribution.

391-6-The Dilemma Resolved…Differently

“What happens when institutional power insists we believe something in only one particular way? 

In today’s podcast and post I provide a biblical roadmap for an alternative orthodoxy. Class is in session and this course in Hell opens up a new way of seeing what happens to so-called bad people. What happens in the afterlife if instead of twisting the bible, we straighten it out?

Join me now as we see beyond the threats of Hell by religion, and examine what the bible has been saying all along.

390-5-All Consuming or Eternal Fire

“Will some people be sent to burn in the fire of Hell when they die? Did religion get that right or does the bible have something different to say?

In today’s podcast and post, I continue to give you Hell in our series where we explore what the bible really says about the subject.. 

Join me now as I prove that the Lake of Fire and the All-Consuming Fire may not be not different destinations, but different reactions to the same experience of meeting God.

389: 4- Hell as Other and Away

“Have you noticed those who are most certain that “other” people are going to Hell, are the religious types who seek to get away from everybody else?”

In today’s podcast and post, I add more layers to this biblical exploration of Hell and reveal that Hell is not really about punishing the naughty.

Join me now as I show you the two biggest examples that a person need not die in order to live in Hell.