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401-Life’s TWO Questions Which Spark Spiritual Discovery

“I’m always saying Jesus didn’t start an alternative religion…so do you believe that’s true?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a series where I will deconstruct Church history and take you back to where it all started. Then you can decide for yourself if my claim is actually true.

Join me now as we see beyond the propaganda of institutional religion and consider the first two questions which establish either religious captivity or freedom in God.

260-Called Out 2: How it Began and Begins for us

“Have you ever compared the modern church to the one depicted in the Bible?

The difference is shocking. In today’s podcast and post we explore how over the centuries, the church has morphed from a community gathering into a global institutional power, complete with cradle to the grave programs, full-time staff members, and a political force of counter-cultural propaganda. Was that the goal of its Founder?

Join me now as we see beyond our jumbotrons, worship bands and fog machines, and learn how the Church started back then and how to discern the “real” thing amidst our culturally contrived institutions.