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418-Marriage Tune Up 6- Divorce

“The modern culture has a divorce rate approaching 50%, but did you know that of all the religions, Christians have the lowest divorce rates with protestants at 18%? 

In today’s podcast and post we finish our series entitled a Marriage tune up with a look at our options for divorce. I’ll discuss the four main options and why the Bible provides an exit and doesn’t consign people to bad marriages.

Join me now as we see beyond both cultural and religious positions and discover why the high view of love frees us into our marriages and sometime out of them.

116- Healing Love


Healing is beyond our comprehension. We’ve explored beauty and our frameworks for healing but today we explore the biggest thing that exists. Our world has an overwhelming amount of pain and what we call “meaningless suffering.” How can anything heal us at this point? What is the path of healing? The proclamation of love is that it restores everything. How can this possibly be true? In this podcast and post I use metaphors to access the trans-rational aspects of our thinking and open us up to our inner spinster who fears loving again. We will learn that the only category big enough to understand and heal human suffering is that of love. Healing love begins immediately once we remove ourselves as the goalie of our heart.

16- Painful Reality



Many question how a God could exist when there is so much pain and suffering in the world, or they have concluded that if a God does exist he/she is either not loving or not powerful.  In this podcast I weave a few vital threads together in order to help illuminate the portal of pain and how we can gain a new category of Ultimate Reality through our pain experience.