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394- A Course in Darkness: Part 1

“How well do you think you perceive or understand ultimate reality?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a new series entitled “A Course in Darkness.” Most of us would appraise ourselves as being fairly perceptive or as having good understanding, but how can we know for sure? 

Join me now as I open up a passage which offers a simple test of whether we live in the light or are deluding ourselves in darkness.

380-Spiritual Seeing as Suffering

Do you know what spiritual seeing is? If so, what do you see?

In today’s podcast and post I will provide a biblical justification for spiritual sight and share how this isn’t some kind of super power, but instead is a humiliating source of suffering that we don’t want to live without.

Join me now as I do my best to describe something that defies words, and why those who share this spiritual sight, rarely talk about it.

63-Politics and Seeing


Wherever there are two or more people, we have politics. Politics is a by product of every organization, group, club, tribe or gathering. As organizations grow, something happens which causes the organization to gain power over larger numbers of people. In this post and podcast I reveal how every organization gains power and why so many people feel powerless in the process. The good news is that we are not without recourse, we can regain all that has been lost, and turn everything around. The question is whether we are willing to accept that the problem is not “those people”, but ourself.