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297-The Ninety-First

“Where is the Dwelling place of God? Is there really such a thing?”

In today’s podcast and post we rejoin our ongoing series of Psalms Greatest Hits with a look at the Ninety-First Psalm. This Psalm is attributed to Moses at the completion of the tabernacle. Many people don’t realize this is one of the most quoted Psalms of them all.

Join me now as this Psalm invites all comers to see beyond the curtain and contemplate what or where “The Dwelling Place of God” actually is.

223- The Fifteenth

“According to religion, who gets access to God?”

This is an interesting question which exposes our preconceived ideas about proximity, worthiness, and morality. In today’s podcast and post we continue or ongoing series of the Psalm’s Greatest Hits as we consider the Fifteenth Psalm.

Join me now as we take some cleansing breaths and reflect upon the words of David and how they trigger us. We will look between the lines of the pages and see beyond everything into the motivation of love and how it changes all things.