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301-It’s About Time-Part 3

“Is time travel possible?

Perhaps time travel as it is depicted in movies is not yet a reality, but does that mean we cannot have and even cultivate experiences with timelessness? In today’s podcast and post we conclude our mini-series on time with a look at four rather obvious areas where we have experiences which are beyond the bounds of time.

Join me now as see beyond some very common, everyday experiences and explore some forms of timeless existence and why insisting that “it’s all in our head” cannot be an excuse, but may in fact be a proof.

300-It’s About TIME-Part 2

“What is time? Outside of science, how have systems of faith been able to access the same conclusions that science has recently discovered?

In part two of our brief exploration of time, I will scratch the surface of the biblical worldview on time and how it has been influencing people for centuries. Not only are the conclusions similar to what science has recently discovered, but there is so much more beyond what I will share today.

Join me now as I highlight three simple perspectives about time that sacred texts have revealed and how these have helped people for years.

299- It’s About Time-Part 1

“What is time? Do we live within a linear framework that is ticking along second by second?”

In today’s podcast and post we begin a short series on the subject of time as we look at some of the way’s science has come to understand time. The emerging frameworks are not only interesting to discover, but bring with them potentially transformative ways for us to live.

Join me now as we see beyond the fabric of time and discover how consciousness creates a self-time continuum which is worthy of our consideration.