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272-Part 2-What is FLOW and Why it Matters

(Part 1 contains no audio but is found HERE )

“Are you in a state of FLOW?”

That’s a loaded question. The question itself presupposes a binary definition of flow. Most of the world thinks they are either in or out of flow. In today’s podcast and post, we continue our New Year tutorial on the Way of Flow, and discuss why the common definition of flow is so problematic.

Join me now as we see beyond all the hype of life-coaches, psychologists and spiritual directors, and consider what it means that every single one of us is constantly relating to flow.

241- The World is Opening. Are you?

“The world is opening back up, have you done the same?”

Spring is here, the economy and plight of humanity has reached the breaking point and people are easing back into life. For over two months, most of the world has been locked inside, and now we must take an inventory of how we handled this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In today’s podcast and post, I will ask four key questions that will probe whether or not we squandered this unique opportunity. Did we get carried along by our impulses, emotions, and the media? Or did we navigate the storm with our bearings on true North? Join me now as we deconstruct the soul which we are bringing back to the world.