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369-Parenting Teens 2- Worldview and Struggle

“Is it possible that truly understanding one’s worldview can be the single biggest indicator of whether a teen will succeed in life?

In today’s podcast and post we continue our series on parenting teens with a look at something about which most parents don’t really consider…their worldview. I

Join me now as we show why the wrong worldview creates the wrong self and is behind every struggle that exists in our teenager’s life, and why it’s vital for parents to give young people a world that actually makes sense.

46- Logic and Double Talk

A lot of modern people see the world through a scientific worldview. This causes some people to diminish spirituality as unreliable because much of it is not empirically provable.  In this podcast I show how the scientific worldview is actually borrowing from a spiritual or non-empirically based perspective in order to make sense of science. This should open up our dialogue about how ultimate reality contains much more than matter and motion and then we can see the fundamental principal of spirituality and just how scientific it really is.