The Dolphin Bias

Dolphin/The Surfer

Definition: The Dolphin bias is a free agent. The Dolphin has high conscious engagement with their world and others. Dolphins do not maximize FLOW so much as they join it for reasons beyond survival and personal gain. Dolphins have the ability to thrive in competitive environments without diminishing others. They integrate with others and their surroundings. Dolphins go beyond themselves and work with and for others.

General Framework: The Dolphin bias possess the most freedom because their movement is beautiful, powerful and intentional. They are not governed by fear, guilt, or small habitats and are free to enjoy the oceans vast space. They enjoy the ride and often defy the gravitational pull all around them. Dolphins have social wholeness. The approach the world offensively, optimistically and see it as abundant. The Dolphin bias understands that the world is diverse and not black and white. Dolphins can easily find many options or alternatives rather than living in a forced binary. The bias is to live comfortably with ambiguity and respect order and process where appropriate but still possess the voice and freedom to question it. Dolphins can speak truth to power and are free to move beyond obstacles and challenges.

Relationship to FLOW: The Dolphin bias is not about controlling their environment, but about joining in it and maximizing their experience with the FLOW of things. They have the power to swim against currents if they need to, but prefer to join the FLOW for the pure joy of flowing. They are tagged as “Surfers” because they ride waves for pure enjoyment. The Dolphin bias has the easiest time accepting reality for what it is and simply being with it. This is not simple passivity, this is having the wisdom to know when and how to act so as to create win/win scenarios with others. A Dolphin defines FLOW as the powerful partner that sustains, empowers, and embodies all that they see and touch. A Dolphin that has not joined FLOW digresses to a Fish.

Worldview: The Dolphin bias sees the world as generative, expansive, and abundant. They see themselves within the greater picture and neither over-appraise nor under-appraise their place among all others. Dolphins are optimistic because they are able to travers big spaces and distances with confidence and grace. They are not motivated by fear as much as by curiosity, wonder and exploration.

Low/High: At low levels, a Dolphin is very successful at meeting its own needs. They are efficient hunters and can ward off predators with speed and agility. If they focus too much on themselves they become isolated and stop learning from others. If the Dolphin spends too much time in defense then they will function like a Fish, and never appreciate nor realize all their potential.

At higher levels the Dolphin enjoys life, surfs, soars and engages. Dolphins play offense, and join the Flow of freedom with few predators. Life becomes true joy and is measured in experience, not selfish gain, living far beyond the survival level and living at the thriving level.

Relationships: The Dolphin bias is highly social and lives in high conscious engagement. Dolphins are not focused on competition or win/lose paradigms. Dolphins tend to support one another, work together in harmony, and to play with one another. Dolphins are highly intelligent, integrated, and interested in learning new things from others. They have successful relationships because they originate from a place of humility and unity rather than pride and otherness.

Transformation: A Dolphins transformation is an evolution of gradually moving into increasing conformity to the best it can be. Dolphins enjoy great communication, social engagement, and connection. Dolphins are not black and white thinkers, but find new frameworks and scripts that promote others as well as themselves. Transformation for the Dolphin bias is the joy of incremental change and the hope of what that will be like in the future. Dolphins transform through experience, not just head knowledge.

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