Beyond World Religions

Photo by Ghost Patriot:
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu:

Is one religion better than the others? Do any of them possess more Truth than the others? Which is the oldest? Which one's are cults? Can we trust anything religion tells us? Are they all saying the same thing? What is their purpose?

Questions like these are always bubbling to surface of our lives. However, most people have already resolved these questions with a single deterministic stance on whether they believe in such things or not. This rejection of religion or the embracing of the most familiar religion are both over-simplistic ways of not getting to the deeper questions and it keeps us from ever getting to the bigger answer.

In this series, we take a different spin and explore the worlds systems of faith from a perspective that religion cannot provide. The discovery for us all is that we have all put too much faith in our religious containers and have missed the contents. 

Prepare for some deconstruction of your religious framework as a means to opening up a new way to understand your own religion and began uncovering what lies behind your faith.