Questions from Corinth

This is photo of the ruins of the city of Corinth in South central Greece. It was a vital place in the history of the early church and a place Paul visited and worked. With a sea port to the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, it was a multi-cultural urban powerhouse. Corinth has a long, sorted history and its popularity meant that the diversity of people and beliefs were in constant flux. The church which existed there was strong but was constantly being impressed upon by the culture surrounding it. As such, the Corinthian church (assembly) is a fitting example of what a group of believers may experience in our modern world.

Now, two-thousand years later, our culture can barely make sense of the subjects discussed in Paul's letters to this church. This series will examine some of these questions from within their context and try and export them to our modern world, in hopes of capturing Paul's inspired message to the larger church body.