4-Musings from Heidelberg


This episode of the KevKast broadcasts right from Heidelberg, Germany. I challenge the notion that the European church is an empty relic or a shell. Though the historical buildings are primarily vacant, it is not due to irrelevancy. Instead, the culture is no longer highjacked by the the religious delivery system of the historical church. They are liberated by the gospel into fully enjoying their lives in coffee shops, long lunches, parks and deep conversations over fine wine and food.  Furthermore, their pursuits have a strong connection to the core and foundational messages of the gospel and they see those principals as best broadcast via living, than by bludgening.

3-Religions and Kingdoms


In this episode of the KevKast, I share my experience on the inside of religious systems and why I completely understand contemporary sentiments about organized religion. In those systems the doubters are the outsiders, but perhaps those are the people who actually see something far better than a religion, they see a kingdom instead.