24-Anthropology or Theology?



The bible evokes strong reactions in people. Some roll their eyes and are amazed that any modern person could believe any of it, while others will defend every word in a literal interpretation.  In this podcast and post, I show how both of these reactions to sacred texts are errors that truncate our spiritual growth and progress as a people. The path to the new world is not to throw out old ideas about God, but to widen our understanding of them by learning them in new ways. This allows us to avoid the error on either side.

23 – The Dimmer Switch Principle


The typical light switch is binary, it’s on or off. The Dimmer Switch has many versions of on.  When it comes to Truth or Ultimate Reality, most of us approach life with a binary switch. We see others in dualities. Ultimate Truth resolves the tension between seemingly opposites. The path to discovering this is incremental widening of our truth system (dimmer switch) through humility, not by holding tenaciously to outdated binary assumptions through certainty.

22- Powerball and Possibility



Our nation is fast approaching it’s first billionaire lottery winner. What does the frenzy tell us about ourselves? It tells us that each person buying a ticket can imagine a life that is better than the one they have. This jackpot provides one form of “possibility thinking” but can we learn more? In this podcast I show just how spiritual the lottery is and I compare it to the possibility thinking of the spiritual path. Does true freedom come from the outside-in, or from the inside-out?

21- A Winch and a Soundtrack


Our world is full of advice and countless Truth Claims. How can we know the right one? Our New Year resolutions are a portal through which we can see the real navigation tools we use to make life decisions. In this podcast, I share two metaphors for two powerful spiritual realities along with a simple way to gain awareness of them so we can stop chasing the Good life and begin living it.