96- God and Suicide


What is it with fundamentalism and it’s view on suicide? Suicide seems to bring to the forefront weird theologies that lay in the backdrop of people’s minds. The result makes a bad situation far worse than it is.  In this post and podcast I dust off an archive from July of 2013 and I show how the church has oppressed the poor in the area of suicide.  Suicide is multifaceted and should never be a doctrine that is dished out willy-nilly. I will explore the Christ story as a story of self-slaughter. As such we are given a path to understanding and an icon for healing to those who are left behind.

1 thought on “96- God and Suicide

  1. Amen! My father committed suicide and I agree with all of what you said in your message. I hope others are touched by the truth you are spreading here. Many blessings. 🙂

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